Alecia grew up as an only child in the small rural town of Greenfield, Ohio.  There she learned the importance of hard work, dedication and community spirit.  All qualities that she values when looking at the citizens of Lebanon.  A place she now considers as her adopted home town.

Alecia worked summers for the Ohio Department of Transportation as a flagger and in her Uncle’s Deli to help cover the cost of college tuition.  She attended and graduated from Morehead State University in Kentucky and Miami University (Ohio) with a Bachelors degree in Communication.  Alecia later continued her education at the University of Cincinnati receiving her Masters in Healthcare Administration.  She now serves as the Director of Public Relations for Hoxworth Blood Center.  Hoxworth is the steward of the local blood supply serving over 30 Tri-State hospitals.

Alecia and her husband Mark moved to Lebanon in the summer of 2015.  They were searching for a home that provided a neighborly feel, close to Cincinnati, and with a walkable, active downtown.  Lebanon fit the bill.


In the past few years, Alecia, has taken a special interest in the quaint downtown and local merchants.  She has witnessed the negative impact brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic and more recently by the decisions of a rogue City Council.  This turn of events are what spurred her on to want to make a difference in Lebanon.  A difference that will support local merchants, citizens and keep Lebanon a vibrant, growing community.  Alecia will work for all citizens, not only the ones that vote for her.

Alecia and Mark have a blended family of 7 children.  Although the children are grown and living in various communities of the Tri-State they are often in town for festivals and family gatherings. A few are even looking to make a move to Lebanon.