Alternate Facts

According to, Alternate Facts are "falsehoods, untruths, delusions. A fact is something that actually exists—what we would call “reality” or “truth.” An alternative is one of the choices in a set of given options; typically the options are opposites of each other. So to talk about alternative facts is to talk about the opposite of reality (which is delusion), or the opposite of truth (which is untruth)."

A great example of exaggerated alternate facts were displayed on Tuesday evening at the Lebanon City Council Meeting when our Vice Mayor berated me for how I introduced myself at a Mason City Council Meeting.

During the exchange, I corrected Mr. Messer and told him that I introduced myself as "a resident of Lebanon, Ohio and a member of Main Street Lebanon." He refused to believe this fact saying there was a video. I agreed that yes, there is a video.

For those of you that remain unsure of what to believe - I present, the video in question. You will hear my introduction in the first 20-seconds.

The conclusion to this post is Mr. Messer berated me with alternative facts and became angrier and redder when I disagreed with him.

I promise to always listen to the citizens of Lebanon and not present alternative facts, especially when there is available evidence of the truth.

Join me in bringing a change to Lebanon City Council. Vote #Lipton4Lebanon this November.

*Special thanks to Lori Viars for recording and posting the video.