What's Next?

Today I am perplexed by three agenda items listed for this evenings Lebanon City Council work session. My concern is based on that our current council seems intent on ruling over citizens with what they feel is appropriate for themselves. They are taking a dictator type stance and making decisions based on personal agendas, wants and desires.

City Council is not a place to pass personal agendas. This is not a forum to save society from what you deem to be immoral. It is not your duty to save the souls of the citizens or to laugh in the face of science. It is the job of City Council to be forthright, transparent and fiscally responsible for the good of ALL citizens.

The three agenda items are as follows:

Ordinance - Prohibiting the City of Lebanon from instituting a vaccine mandate for employees or discriminating against citizens based on their vaccination status.

Resolution - Condemning vaccine mandates by private businesses.

Resolution - Requesting changes to the quarantine policies in Lebanon.

What is next for our current City Council? Will they enact an ordinance that we must all go sleeveless and braless? Will they pass a resolution that citizens will be condemned if they do not remain physically fit? Perhaps they will mandate holy communion following the pledge and prayer at each meeting or just maybe there will be a Ordinance preventing the discrimination of individuals that participated in the January 6 insurrection on the Capital.

The aforementioned "what if's" may sound crazy or exaggerated. I ask, how many of us thought we would see a resolution to condemn private businesses that mandate vaccines. I doubt many.

The current council has gone rogue and they are forcing their personal beliefs on the citizens of Lebanon. I assure you that when elected to Lebanon City Council I will lead with fact and reason, listen openly to the citizens, and bring transparency and professionalism to City Council. I will remain in my lane and deal with real City issues affecting all citizens.

Vote #Lipton4Lebanon on November 2.