Just the Beginning

Updated: Sep 2, 2021

As an already active member of the Lebanon community, Alecia Lipton promises to be the ENGAGED, INFORMED, and STRATEGIC leader that Lebanon needs to recover from nearly two years months of pandemic-related fatigue loss of business, and a rogue council.

Lipton is running for Lebanon City Council on a platform of change upheld by three pillars: EQUALITY, GOVERNANCE, and PRESERVATION.

The first pillar is EQUALITY. A firm believer in the idea that all citizens deserve the same rights and opportunities. Lipton pledges to push for the creation of a Human Rights Commission within City Council, and will work to ensure that all Lebanon residents have a voice, are treated equally, and are made to feel welcome in our City. The first step to resolving an issue is acknowledging that we have one, and Lipton understands the importance of recognizing where Lebanon, as a community, falls short of identifying areas to improve. Lipton stands by those who have felt ignored, scared, discriminated against, and victimized. Therefore, the development of the Human Rights Commission will be one of the first changes to take place.

The second pillar is GOVERNANCE. Lipton acknowledges the concern that our current council has gone rogue, engaging in behaviors that do not support the best interests of the City. She supports the fact that local city government has distinct guidelines in what they can and cannot do. Lipton vows to keep personal interests out of city decisions and will not use the position as a stepping stone for future personal or political gains. Lipton will work to keep the council accountable to citizens by following the guidelines set forth for such council.

The third pillar is PRESERVATION. Lipton looks forward to working alongside citizens, local businesses, the City, and the State of Ohio to help preserve and promote our unique downtown area and the community as a whole. Lebanon is home to over 20,000 households, all of which benefit when individuals visit and spend money in our downtown shops, restaurants, and local attractions. Lipton believes that Preservation will make Lebanon a destination City for visitors and families looking for a place to call home.

Lipton and her husband, Mark, have lived in Lebanon since 2015 (Lipton also called Lebanon home from 1996 – 2006). She is a graduate of Morehead State University, Miami University, and the University of Cincinnati. She has served as the Director of Public Relations at Hoxworth Blood Center since 2008, began working with Main Street Lebanon in 2020. Alecia and Mark have 7 grown children that now live on their own in the Cincinnati area. They share their home with their two dogs, Shunie & Charlie.

Vote for Lipton this November 2 to bring a much-needed change to Lebanon City Government.