My Favorite Things

Today I am sharing some of my favorite things about Lebanon. The list is long and varied and I am sure that I have missed mentioning more than a few.

Friday Night Football. A walkable downtown. High School Marching Band. Christmas Tree Park. Thursday Night Rotary Concerts. Gazebo at the Golden Lamb. LM&M Railroad. Chapelo Photography. Fall and Summer Festivals. A Tin Roof Sundae at the Village Parlor. Bicentennial Park Gazebo on Mulberry Street. Third Friday Concerts. Fairy Gardens at Thimble Gardens. Apple Fest. Potstickers at Mai Ploy’s Thai Restaurant. Volcano candles at BLUME Home. Bicycles in the Independence Day Parade. London Fog Tea from Lot 1. Dogs, dogs, and more dogs walking with their owners. The Annual Carriage Parade. Anna's Gourmet Popcorn. Chicken Tortilla Soup at 5 Alarm Flavors. Trivia Night at Mulberry St. Books. The Elks Lodge. Mim’s on Main Too. Chips and Guacamole at Acalpulco. The Swinging Bridge. Block Parties and Neighborhood Parties. Exotic Jewelry & Art. Second Friday at ArtScape. Shopping at Peddler’s Mall and Broadway Antiques. Traffic Jam and Bacon Jam from the Jam & Jelly Lady. Holiday Lights. “Millions of Peaches” from Dysfunctional Delights Meadery. Doc’s Place. The Lebanon Theatre Company. Candy from my childhood at Lebanon Candy & Sports Cards. Comfy robes and adorable baby clothes at Ambassador’s Antiques & Fine Linens. Harmon Golf Course. Shakespeare in the Park performances. Baby’s Breath Soap from Oregonia Soap Works. Engraving and embroidery at Brickhouse on Broadway. French Fries at Cherry Street Café. Classic Car Shows. Chocolate, chocolate, and more chocolate. The patio at the Golden Lamb/Black Horse Tavern. Backyard bonfires. The art collection at the Warren County Historical Society Museum, and much more.

The truth is, we have a wonderful community. A community that I am proud to call home and a community that I would be honored to serve.

Over the past several months our community has weathered the pandemic and witnessed a rogue city council making decisions that do not benefit the City as a whole.

I will always place the needs of the citizens over my own and I will not attempt to influence others or make decisions based on religious beliefs. I will follow the guidelines that are established for City Council as detailed in the charter. I will work for YOU to make Lebanon a City that we will all be proud to call home.

Vote #Lipton4Lebanon this November 2. Alecia Lipton - A Stronger Brew for Lebanon City Council.