Stressed spelled backwards is Desserts

My husband and I have often joked that our family of 7 children put the fun in dysfunctional. Boy, have we got some hilarious stories of the kids when they were young, and I am sure they have more than a few about us.

There were days when we would drive from soccer practice to dance class to football practice to ice hockey, all while fitting in a meal, laundry and homework. Somedays, I think to myself, “how did we juggle everything?” Was there stress at times? You bet there was. Navigating the schedules of seven kids, trying to maintain a work/life balance, and finding ways to meet the needs of everyone can be overwhelming at times. However, at the end of the day, we were able to sit back, take a deep breath and realize that we made it through – maybe with a few bumps – but we worked together and did what was best for the family as a whole.

You may be asking why I am sharing this information. I want you, the citizens of Lebanon, to know more about me, Alecia Lipton, candidate for Lebanon City Council. I have written about my platforms and politics, but now is the time to share more about what makes me tick.

When I am interviewing someone for a job, I often ask them how they deal with stress. Do you bottle it up inside until you scream and yell? Do you work with a team to solve the issue at hand? I find this a helpful tool - so I will let you in on how I handle stress.

First, I listen and take in all the information about the situation(s), speaking to all parties involved. I then do a deep dive into what caused the condition and develop a plan to correct or improve. When appropriate, bringing in other members of the team that can assist.

That all sounds very doable – but stress can build up and leave you feeling exhausted. That is when I resort to baking. My family knows that when I am baking chocolate chip cookies (and there is no special occasion), I must be stressed. We have accused our youngest son of stressing me out to get me baking.

We all have stress in our lives (at home and at work), and I feel it is essential to acknowledge the issue and have healthy ways of dealing with what is bothering us. I have already mentioned baking, but I also enjoy snuggling on the couch with my two dogs (Shunie and Charlie), boating at Indian Lake and Caesar’s Creek, and of course, spending time with my large, fun, dysfunctional family – which not only includes seven children but four grand dogs.