Unordinary Ordinance

I invite all concerned citizens of Lebanon to attend the Tuesday, August 10 City Council Meeting or watch on The Lebanon Channel (channel 6 or live stream at

Lebanon City Council has released the agenda for the August 10, 2021 meeting. Please take note of Item 12: Ordinance 2021-079 "Approving a General Fund supplemental appropriation in the amount of $100,000 for the Special Legal Fees Fund and declaring an emergency." The sponsor is Brewer.

Also of importance is Item 13: Ordinance 2021-080 "Authorizing the City Manager to execute a settlement of the lawsuit Snowden vs. Brewer and declaring an emergency." The sponsor is Messer.

Will the $100,000 be used to cover Mayor Amy Brewer's legal fees? Why is this an emergency? Is this be best, most conservative use of City funds? Hopefully, these questions and more will be addressed at the upcoming meeting.

When elected to Lebanon City Council I pledge to take a conservative approach with funds and base spending on the best interest of the citizens and the businesses that call Lebanon, Ohio home. My decisions will not be altered or influenced for my own personal gain.