Vote for Change

Lebanon City Council is designed to be non-partisan meaning that the Council should serve the interest of ALL Citizens – not only those individuals that voted for them or agree with their affiliations whether they be political, religious, or social.

We are facing divisive issues in our city that were brought about by our current council members. The Sanctuary City Ordinance is just one example of our council members making a rash decision as to what they deem is best for the citizens.

Local merchants have expressed concerns that the recent ordinance has negatively impacted their business. Thirteen local businesses report sales are down compared to the same weeks in 2020. This is concerning as nationally, sales are up 18% in 2021 over the pandemic year of 2020.

As a council member, I pledge to listen more than I talk. I will put the needs of citizens first, be thoughtful, cordial, and welcome feedback. I will work closely with local businesses to protect their interests and help them grow.

Vote for Lipton this November 2 to bring a much-needed change to Lebanon City Government.