WE can make a difference

My heart is bursting with pride as my youngest child was sworn into duty as a police officer for the City of Norwood. He worked a full-time job while attending the University of Cincinnati Police Academy and was determined to make this dream a reality.

Michael wanted to be a police officer as a little boy and spent countless hours arresting his siblings and rescuing his sister’s Barbie Dolls from disaster. When he enrolled in the Academy, I asked him why he wanted to become a police officer, and he said simply, “I want to make a difference – I want to help people where I live.” I share this story as WE can all make a difference and help people where we live. We do not need to be a doctor, a nurse, a fireman, or a police officer to positively impact our community. What we can do is become involved and VOTE. Your vote is your voice – and the upcoming election is your moment to bring about change and make a difference in our community. Early voting began on October 5, at the Warren County Board of Elections. This week marks the official start of the election season, with political signs popping up on lawns and endorsements being shared on social media and in mailers. This race is not about being a self-described “Christian Conservative” or a “Liberal.” This race is about electing new representatives that will listen to ALL citizens of Lebanon. This race is about selecting a council that will work within the guidelines of the city charter. This race is about electing leaders that will refrain from inserting religion into public policy. We deserve better, and this is our chance to make it better. Vote #Lipton4Lebanon. A Stronger Brew for Lebanon.