Your Vote is Your Voice

Glossophobia, the fear of public speaking is one of the most common phobias and is believed to affect 75% of the population. Now imagine addressing an audience about a controversial or contested subject. Your fear is multiplied and emotions are high.

Your audience is not smiling or nodding in acceptance of your words. Instead, your audience of 7 has deadpan stares (or glares). One member of your audience is becoming red-faced and his body language is threatening. Your audience is counting on you to feel uncomfortable with public speaking and they are doing their best to intimidate you with their body language and heightened seats on the dais. You think to yourself, "should I sit down? Should I be quiet?”

Absolutely not. You have a right to share your opinion, ask questions, and be heard by your elected officials. A citizen should never be made to feel unappreciated, overlooked, ignored, or dismissed. Sadly, over the past several months I have witnessed disrespectful behavior at Lebanon City Council meetings. I have watched this happen to my fellow citizens and along with them have also been subjected to hostility, lectures, glares, and belittling comments.

Respect goes both ways and in order to receive respect, one must also give it. When elected to Lebanon City Council I promise to be welcoming, appreciative, respectful, and sincere to all citizens and fellow council members.

Vote #Lipton4Lebanon this November and together WE can be the change that Lebanon needs.